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#Plumber say: Listen to your Plumbing Pipes

Without pipes you won’t have a #plumbing system.

Pipes play principal roles in your #plumbing system; they channel fresh water to your fixtures and also lead the waste water away from your home.

Water flowing through pipes can cause all kinds of alarming sounds, creaks, cracking and rattling, whistling and loud banging. When you hear a strange sound, you must do a inspection as soon as possible on your plumbing system this is a warning that something is not working properly on your plumbing system.

Do not ignore funny sounds on , it is telling you there is a need for some urgent maintenance before that sound intensifies into a #plumbing emergency.
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Creaks or cracking:

As the geyser pushes hot water through the pipes, it heats the pipe causing a slight pipe expansion. Once water stops running, the pipe cools off as the metal contracts, resulting in a creaking or cracking noise. You can either insulate around the pipe or if the pipe leads through a framing, cut a hole through the framing, to create a little more space where the pipe can expand and contract silently.

pipes through frame   pipes insulation

Rattling Pipes:

Water under pressure running through a loose attached pipe causes slight pipe vibration sound like a rattle. As a loose pipe vibrates against something solid the rattling sound is created. You can install cushion around the pipe or secure it with strapping which is designed to hold the pipe tight, this will stop the pipe from vibrating and void the rattle sound.

Pipe holder    pipes fixed to avoid rattle

Whistling sound:

When water flows through a restricted section of the #plumbing system it causes a whistling sound. This restriction can be in the form of built up sediment in the pipe or a defective washer or valve on a faucet or the ball valve on a toilet. 

If you hear the whistling when one faucet is turned on, or when you flushed the toilet, you can replace the washer on that fixture if you still hear the whistle sound you will need to cut smooth the valve seat this should eliminate the sound. If the whistling occurs when any faucet in your home is turned on, the change in water pressure can eliminate the sound, otherwise you may have to replace your water supply valve.
Banging Sound:

Water running through pipes under pressure contains energy, when you shut off the water flow; this energy causes the loud banging sound, this is what we call "water hammering".

Pipes hammer

In older homes the #plumbing system was built with short pieces of pipe that filled with air and acted as air cushions to absorb the water's energy when the flow came to a sudden stop. Overtime air has leaked out preventing the proper absorption of water energy. Putting air cushions back into your plumbing system will eliminate the water hammer effect.

Listen to the sounds from the pipes on your Plumbing system, it is telling you there is a need of #professional plumbing care on the system. Do not delay the maintenance as this will result in a Plumbing emergency which will be a very costly way to go.

pipes inspection   pipe inspection

As soon as you hear the banging or cracking sounds, contact our Plumbers in Pretoria before it becomes an emergency with unwanted expenses.

If you live in Pretoria, make your home and wallet happy by calling 081 490 8281 to attend to your problem.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Inspection Plan


Our experience in Plumbing and operations management will benefit your building to achieve goals, stability and saving on costs due to expenses on maintenance.

Let’s face it, all of us do want our Plumbing system’s at home running smoothly, most of us do not always have the funds to repair major plumbing disasters when it happens. This disasters normally occurs when we least expect it and in most cases without prior warning. However most plumbing disasters can be minimized or prevented with regular inspection of your Plumbing system.

The benefits of our Plumbing preventative Maintenance Agreements are endless. Finding and correcting plumbing issues early can prevent costly repairs and potential damage to your home. Even minor drips on faucets or running toilets can consume hundreds liters of water each month, costing extra money with your utility bills.

An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold.

No high prices      home inspection      A typical sign of corrosion

Building owners, real estate agents, facilities managers and home owners: how much of your expenses are going down the drain for repairs to plumbing problems and water leaks that could have been avoided with proper preventative plumbing maintenance?

With VIP Plumbers preventative program, apart from a quarterly inspection you also get the benefit from:

· Guaranteed 2 hour response time that includes nights, weekends & holidays at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

  • A dedicated phone number direct to your designated representative.
  • A dedicated plumber with years of experience in your response team.
  • Priority pricing and VIP customer service.
  • The security of knowing that the job will be done right, the first time all the time.

With our quarterly plumbing preventative maintenance plan, problems are identified at an early stage, when the solution is usually simpler and less expensive to repair. Preventive maintenance plan often eliminate the disruption to a building that an unexpected plumbing failure can cause.


What are the Benefits?

Peace of Mind: A timely scheduled quarterly inspection helps identify potential problems before they occur.

Longer Product Life: Regular inspection and maintenance of plumbing and fixtures extends its life and efficiency.

Safety/Environmental Protection: A timely scheduled inspection of equipment ensures it is operating safely as well as safe guard the health and welfare of the occupants through total water management.

Economic Savings:
The quarterly inspection provided in the Preventive Service Maintenance pIan will help to identify potential problems before they require costly repairs. Equipment operating at peak efficiency helps you save on utility costs. Your discount on labour and parts helps further reduce repair costs.


According to the Institute for Business & Home Safety* (IBHS)

• Water heater failures are on of the top five sources of any institution water loses.

• 69% of all water heaters failures result from a slow leak or a sudden burst.

• Water heater failures cost an average of R6500.00 per incident.

• A review done on 700 water heater claims, nearly seven of every 10 failures were due to a tank bursting or leaking.

Why Purchase A Preventive Maintenance Agreement?

A Preventive Maintenance Service Plan identifies potential problems before they occur and increases the lifetime of your plumbing and plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing System
Just as the family car needs periodic tune-ups, so does your home or any other building plumbing system. Most individuals would not think of driving thousands of kilometer without checking the condition of their vehicle. Plumbing systems unlike cars; have no warning light that will let you know when you have a slow and silent leak or other potential problems. Without a preventive inspection plan, you are at risk for a disaster.

clip_image001          2014-02-27 09.43.20         Faucet drip

Homeowners and institutions vs. Service Technician
The toilets, water heater, faucets, drains and water lines make up are the most frequently used system in a building, the plumbing system, undergoes daily wear and tear: Most occupants do not have the technical expertise or the time to identify potential problems before they occur, but the technicians at VIP Plumbers do!

Routine inspection and maintenance of your plumbing system can identify potential failures and problems before they occur and this will increase the lifetime of your plumbing and your plumbing fixtures.


What Happens When I Purchase a Preventive Maintenance Service Plan?

1. As a participant in the Preventive Maintenance Service Plan you will receive a 10% discount on all plumbing services provided during the term of your agreement.

2. "Priority treatment" You will never be charged extra for "after hours" or weekend services.

3. A  quarterly Preventive Maintenance Inspection of your plumbing system will be scheduled.

4. Following inspection, VIP Plumbers will provide you with a report detailing any problems and/or potential problems seen during inspection and a custom plan with recommendations for repairs or upgrades to insure efficient operation of your plumbing system. (No repairs will be done before consulting the appointed person in control of this division)

5. Our Service Technicians are well experienced and bonded; our goal is to provide service to you that is cost effective long lasting and ensure that your pluming system is functioning in a safe and proper manner to meet your demand.


Our Annual Preventative Maintenance Service Inspection

2014-02-11 09.05.19      2014-03-25 09.14.21      2014-03-20 16.12.49

Some typical defects in plumbing systems are leaking washers (valve stem seals), leaking/rusted traps and pipes, wastewater/supply-water cross-connections, loose pipes and fixtures, leaking showers, missing plumbing vent on waste line, defected fixture cutoff valves, etc. Any amateur or nonstandard work is considered defective.

This is what we will do:

1. Dye test all toilets. The dye test allows us to determine if there are any leaks in your toilet(s). An undetected toilet leak can increase your water bill by hundreds of Rand in a single year

2. Check faucets for leaks. A leaky faucet can waste hundreds liters of water over a period of time and can cause damage to the faucet fixture.

3. Check all exposed hot and cold water supply lines. Supply lines can deteriorate and rupture. We will check for signs of deterioration and leaks.

4. Check all sink piping. Sink and basin traps can become corroded and cause plumbing problems.

5. Check fixture drains. Drains which are not used all the time or have a slow flow of waste, may become plugged and need to be cleaned.

6. Check washing machine hoses. A washing machine hose may become loose or deteriorate over time. We will check all connections and piping.

7. Electric Water Heater

1) Inspect operation of elements.    2) Inspect Thermostat     9) Check the condition of geyser support beams.
3) Inspect vacuum breakers.           4) Test safety valve
5) Inspect drain valve.                      6) Check for water leaks
7) Check drain pipes and drip-tray   8) Test shutdown valve.

This is what you get when you engage in a Preventative Maintenance Service Inspection and will be performed quarterly, after the first inspection.


Should you be interested in saving on expenses on your plumbing system just  give us a call

081 490 8281

We will then arrange for a inspection on your plumbing system, to determine the condition of the system.Depending on the size and condition of your plumbing system, after inspection on a scale of 1-30 we will provide you with a suggested plan of action and costs, which you can either accept or decline without any obligation.

Don’t wait for a disaster take action now, you might just avoid a disaster in time!