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#Plumber say: Listen to your Plumbing Pipes

Without pipes you won’t have a #plumbing system.

Pipes play principal roles in your #plumbing system; they channel fresh water to your fixtures and also lead the waste water away from your home.

Water flowing through pipes can cause all kinds of alarming sounds, creaks, cracking and rattling, whistling and loud banging. When you hear a strange sound, you must do a inspection as soon as possible on your plumbing system this is a warning that something is not working properly on your plumbing system.

Do not ignore funny sounds on , it is telling you there is a need for some urgent maintenance before that sound intensifies into a #plumbing emergency.
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Creaks or cracking:

As the geyser pushes hot water through the pipes, it heats the pipe causing a slight pipe expansion. Once water stops running, the pipe cools off as the metal contracts, resulting in a creaking or cracking noise. You can either insulate around the pipe or if the pipe leads through a framing, cut a hole through the framing, to create a little more space where the pipe can expand and contract silently.

pipes through frame   pipes insulation

Rattling Pipes:

Water under pressure running through a loose attached pipe causes slight pipe vibration sound like a rattle. As a loose pipe vibrates against something solid the rattling sound is created. You can install cushion around the pipe or secure it with strapping which is designed to hold the pipe tight, this will stop the pipe from vibrating and void the rattle sound.

Pipe holder    pipes fixed to avoid rattle

Whistling sound:

When water flows through a restricted section of the #plumbing system it causes a whistling sound. This restriction can be in the form of built up sediment in the pipe or a defective washer or valve on a faucet or the ball valve on a toilet. 

If you hear the whistling when one faucet is turned on, or when you flushed the toilet, you can replace the washer on that fixture if you still hear the whistle sound you will need to cut smooth the valve seat this should eliminate the sound. If the whistling occurs when any faucet in your home is turned on, the change in water pressure can eliminate the sound, otherwise you may have to replace your water supply valve.
Banging Sound:

Water running through pipes under pressure contains energy, when you shut off the water flow; this energy causes the loud banging sound, this is what we call "water hammering".

Pipes hammer

In older homes the #plumbing system was built with short pieces of pipe that filled with air and acted as air cushions to absorb the water's energy when the flow came to a sudden stop. Overtime air has leaked out preventing the proper absorption of water energy. Putting air cushions back into your plumbing system will eliminate the water hammer effect.

Listen to the sounds from the pipes on your Plumbing system, it is telling you there is a need of #professional plumbing care on the system. Do not delay the maintenance as this will result in a Plumbing emergency which will be a very costly way to go.

pipes inspection   pipe inspection

As soon as you hear the banging or cracking sounds, contact our Plumbers in Pretoria before it becomes an emergency with unwanted expenses.

If you live in Pretoria, make your home and wallet happy by calling 081 490 8281 to attend to your problem.

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