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Prevention: Simple Ways to Avoid Plumbing Nightmares

Just the thought of having your plumbing fail during the night and waking up to discover that the entire floor of your home has become a swamp of raw sewage and water is frightening. The trouble is, most people just don't take steps to prevent such a nightmare from becoming a reality. However there are some simple rules that will help to prevent disasters before they happen.

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Brown or yellow water indication of corrosion

The material from which pipes and fixtures are made has a certain life expectancy, although this can be influenced by a number of factors. Regular maintenance and inspection on your Plumbing system can prevent a disaster which will cause major damage to your home and it's contents. Some people tend to take the risk of taking the more expensive way of “wait until disaster strikes” while others choose the most affordable way of “Prevention”

If you are unsure of the condition of your plumbing system in your home, your best option is to call VIP Plumbers to do an inspection on your plumbing system.

Water Brown Colour

Does the water running from taps appear unattractively brown or yellow in colour? If this is the case, rust may be eating away at your pipes and your Geyser. This will be most evident when you have been away from home for a period of time because water sitting dormant in pipes will have time to collect a greater number of rust particulates. If you see any signs of rust, consider replacing the effected pipes ASAP

Not all leaks are always visible, sometimes a sudden increase on your water bill, is a indication that you have a unknown leak which is bubbling water out and you end up paying. To check this out close all valves inside your property and make sure no one is using any water at the time, then go out to the water meter to see whether it is registering or at a halt.
If it is running you have a water leak some where on the line and needs to be fixed right away.

Replace pipes, Repair water leaks
Copper Pipe

Unless you have pH-neutral water, your Plumbing copper pipes can corrode, but the corrosion is much slower than with galvanized pipes. 

The NACHI chart gives them from 50 to 70 years some plumbers will argue well over 70. But like galvanized, the conditions determine the lifetime, some areas have very corrosive water

. Also, electrical grounding can speed corrosion, the Catch-22 is that copper water systems must be grounded. While your Plumbing pipes need to be grounded, you should not ground any appliances, such as refrigerators, to your pipes

. And it has been argued that grounding direct current, such as a solar-cell system that charges batteries, could destroy the pipe in short order. Installation issues can also speed up copper tubing corrosion.

 A rapid water flow, flux in the pipe from soldering or water turbulence can all remove the protective film inside the pipe and open it up to corrosion. For more details check the link below.

There are two types of plastic water-supply pipes, PVC and PEX. (cross-linked polyethylene) used by Plumbers

Plastic Pipe (PVC) Schedule 40

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  PVC pipes is corrosion resistant  it is suitable for drain, waste and vent applications. 

In general it is resistant to most acids bases, salts, aliphatic solutions, oxidants and halogens. They  have glued fittings which you connect the pipes with. The solvent-cemented connection in PVC pipe and fittings is the last vital link in a plastic pipe installation. It can mean the success or failure of the system as a whole. Accordingly, it requires the same professional care and attention by you or a Plumber, that are given to other components of your Plumbing system.


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PEX Pipes

Water leak, Burst pipes, Pipes replace
Fittings are also exposed to corrosion

 While PEX pipe's  have  either got a crimped fitting or a screw-on compression fitting some  are simply push on Plumbers also call it (Shark Bite) fitting. PEX can be bent, thus eliminating the need for many fittings at corners. 
The NACHI chart PEX, 40 years. But they do not explain the difference, however, PEX fittings include brass or copper and could be subject to the same corrosion issues as copper piping. Like most plastics, both CPVC and PEX deteriorate in ultraviolet light and should not be used outdoors; also like other plastics, they tend to turn brittle over time.

Have Your Plumbing Inspected
During a plumbing inspection, a plumber will perform a complete evaluation of your homes plumbing system, it helps tokeep your plumbing system running smoothly and will help you to avoid or minimise unexpected disasters, which will turn out to be costly repairs.

 Sinks, Bath- tubs, Basins and showers

Here Plumbers can identify hidden leaks and drainage problems while at it, also look for mineral or corrosive spots that can constrict water flow. If left undetected for too long, it sure will end-up in failure of this section, because in Plumbing the one section always need the other section to function well.


It is important to inspect for Cracks, leaks and loose fittings, which can eventually occur over time by pin pointing them at a  early stage will reduce the need for more expensive repairs in the future. The inside mechanism of the cistern should also be inspected for worn parts or corrosion to insure a well functioned mechanism, worn or damaged parts must be replaced to prevent wasting water and a to high water bill.

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