Friday, February 7, 2014

Common Geyser Problems

No hot water coming from geyser

When you find there is  no hot water coming from your water heater, this is what you should do before you call the Plumber.

  • Check the circuit breaker at the distribution board make sure it  is switched on. sometimes it looks like it is switched on but in fact it is not, just pull it down to the off position to complete the off cycle (left pic), then firmly push it back upwards to the on position (right pic)
Plumbers to call
geser switch off          Geyser switch on
  • Also make sure that the isolator controlling the water heater is not switched off. This switch is normally installed close to the water heater.
  • Check the ripple relay switch. Some houses have this switch installed by ESKOM, this allows to switch off your water heater during peak times. this “black box” is situated next to your electrical switch. Switch position A - Geyser on
    Switch position B - Geyser off (ripple effect on)

Ripple switch
If you have checked all these areas and find all in order, Then you have 2 possibility's either the thermostat or element is defect and should be attended to by a  Plumber. By calling a Plumber you can avoid  unnecessary and expensive call-outs.

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