Monday, October 20, 2014

Geyser Anode Inspection

Why A Geyser Anode Inspection

Have you ever had a bad smell coming from your hot water?
Well a bad anode in your geyser can produce a smelly odor coming from your hot water, and a worn anode shortens the lifespan of a geyser. Debris from a corroded anode can also block the hot water outlet opening, resulting in low hot water pressure.

anode 4      Geyser anode 1     Anode rod 3

A Rotten  smell from your Hot Water Supply is normally the indication that you have a Anode Problem. Your geyser’s anode is made of metal which is more easily corroded than the steel cylinder of a geyser, this anode protects the geyser from early failure due to corrosion.

The purpose of the anode fitted in a geyser is to protect the inside of the cylinder from corrosion the anode rod will gradually be deteriorated over a time frame, depending on the PH of the water supply to the geyser and the period of usage of your geyser ie: how much hot water is used on a regular base.

geyser anode 2     anode 7

Now once the anode rod is completely dissolved due to corrosion, the geyser cylinder is no longer protected from corrosion and corrosion will start eating its way through the cylinder, this will result in a significantly reduced life span of the geyser and you will have to replace the geyser sooner then you thought.

If your hot water smells, the chances are that corrosion have already done some damage to the geyser’s cylinder this is especially true if it's only the hot water that smells, then you have no option but to check the condition of the anode on the geyser, no matter what model or make of geyser is installed at your home or business, this is the rule with all geysers.

image       ANODE 6

Most Geyser manufactures suggest the anode to be inspected with intervals of 3 to 8 years depending on the type of water in your area. If the water in your area is hard it means the water is aggressive and should be inspected every 3 years.

It is recommended that if more then 50% of the rod is depleted, it should be replaced. Remember to replace a geyser is expensive; it is worth the cost to have the anode inspected and replaced rather then replacing the geyser, because with timely inspections, you extend the life span of your geyser.

The aim of such a inspection is not to see whether the anode is attacked by corrosion, but rather how much of the rod is left to affectively protect the cylinder, because the anode is constantly under attack by corrosion which gradually eats the rod away.

If you never had your geyser’s anode inspected, the chances are that you never knew that there is a thing called anode which is protecting your geyser from corrosion, or you don’t even know when the geyser was installed? Then now is the time to do it or if you live in Pretoria you can always contact VIP Plumbers to arrange for the anode inspection.
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