Sunday, November 18, 2012

Plumbing Checklist Pretoria Residents Before Your Holiday

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During the holiday season, many South African’s will be traveling,  families across the country are sure to be welcoming guests in the coming festive season.

Calling VIP Plumbing How many visitors do you expect? The average holiday party consists of twelve people. On average a single person uses the toilet between six and eight times per day, that can result in as many as 96 extra flushes.
Toilets will have extra use over the coming weeks as we approach Christmas and New Year.
Everyone only thinks of Gifts, cooking turkeys, vacuuming floors and shining the silverware, but no one seems to think about giving their toilet a check up before guests arrive.
In an effort to help Pretoria residents, VIP Plumbers shares a few holiday plumbing checklists items. Follow these simple suggestions which will help to avoid an unwanted disaster.
Toilet Leak

Flush toilets in the guest bathroom at least once per day for a week leading up to guests arrival. Most guest bathrooms go months without being used. Flushing early will ensure that the toilets plumbing is still functioning and gets a work-up prior to heavy use.

Washing machines, dishwaters, kitchen sinks, showers and water heaters get lots of extra use as well space out the use of the shower and other appliances that require large amounts of hot water.

While routine plumbing and heating maintenance will not prevent every problem, it does help homeowners to locate issues that could cause difficulties in the future. You can not expect your home's plumbing and central heating system to operate flawlessly all the time without regular maintenance checks. Plumber fittings

Leaks are one of the easier problems to deal with, but it can also cause thousands of Rand in water damage. Examine the floors, walls, and ceilings where you know there are water pipes. Watermarks can be quite easy to spot, but if it is found in a wall or a ceiling, the leak could have been present for some time.

Corrosion on pipes can end up causing major leaks, so look for green stains around copper and brass fittings also orange or yellow stains on older galvanized pipes. These pipes need to be replaced before they burst. The shutoff valves are often where a lot of corrosion occurs, it is wise to check this area carefully. Rusted supply pipe

There are so many different aspects in a home's plumbing, which include sinks, toilets, drains, washers, dishwashers, central heating systems. It is a long list and one problem can quickly become a huge, expensive mess. You have to consider all the areas of your home that a local plumber would deal with if they were called out.

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Need a professional plumbing maintenance inspection? Simply call

 081 490 8281 and request a professional plumbing inspection from

 VIP plumbers for a maintenance checkup.

Sometimes, despite any and all precautionary measures you may take, a plumbing emergency may still manage to happen. But not to worry, here at VIP Plumbers, we are available to help anytime something goes wrong 24 hours a day, To make thing easier on you, and your wallet, we will not charge for service calls either. Give us a call and we’ll come to your rescue.